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TechTrak's services are a fraction of ordinary recruiting costs. Our fee structure can save your project an average of +75% in hiring fees.

Example: Your company may be paying $18,000 in fees for a typical $65,000 position. TechTrak averages around $2,500 or 75% less for the same position.


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By 2012, there will be six million open professional positions and not enough qualified candidates to fill them!

Past “methods” will no longer suffice to find this critical talent – the truly passive candidate – that candidate behind the closed doors of brick and mortar walls, head-down doing the jobs you need done for you!  The only way you’re going to be able to find them is to slip past and inside those doors. The emerging technology that does this most effectively, hands down is good, old-fashioned telephone names sourcing.

Telephone names sourcing is fast being recognized as the killer app for filling your open positions in the face of severely lowered available talent levels.  TechTrak offers fast and accurate service in identifying potential talent today – the names sourcing way. 

 Magic in the Method

Learn the art and science of telephone names-sourcing from Maureen Sharib, using battle-tested methodologies and real-world examples you can put into practice today.

 Sourcer's Community

Join the ongoing pursuit of sourcing perfection with tips, tricks and strategy to be shared by professional and amateur names-sourcers alike.

If you need to compete by locating fresh candidates, right now, right this very minute, call us today at 513.899.9628.

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